Jenan Matari
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Jenan is a Lifestyle Blogger and the Online Editor at MuslimGirl. A graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Journalism and a career in public relations, she uses her spare time to educate others by destroying stereotypes around Arab and Muslim women, advocating for her homeland, Palestine and traveling the world. Her consistent life goal is to always be at least one country ahead of her age, so far being on track with 25 countries on 6 different continents (one left!) at the age of 24.

Did 9/11 Change Your Life, Too?

Today is September 11th 2015 – 14 years since the tragic attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center. Today not only changed the lives of every American citizen – whether or not they were personally…

Shabby Chic

Hey ya’ll, Happy September! As we prepare for fall (yes, already), I have to start reminding myself of “layers, layers, layers,” early on . For some reason, I’ve convinced myself that layering clothes…