Let’s Talk About Mutah, or Temporary Marriage in Islam

  • Ghadir


  • Dexter Morgan

    I see a lot of fancy talk but I don’t see anything different about it than pre-marital or casual sex. Just because there’s a few extra regulations doesn’t seem very impressive. If this is adopted, what exactly happens to the muslim critique of promiscuity, pornography, etc etc? What’s the point of dressing modestly or wearing a hijab or the equivalent for men? The whole thing becomes a joke. This is just watering things down so we don’t have to do any work. Feeling horny? Forget self control, go find someone to get naked with. Sorry but this just seems ridiculous.

    • Hadi Matar

      Not at all, mutah is different from all those things you mentioned, it’s haram to record yourself having sex and show to others btw (for your difference on porn) 2. You make it seem as if doing mutah is the easiest thing in the world, this article gave a general sense of the rules it didn’t get really into specifics because when you do, you realize it’s not so easy to even have a mutah with some of the conditions mentioned, in some cases with certain scholars they make it almost impossible. Believe me when I say it’s difficult because I was one of those people that actually sought to do it and still seek to do it, still no luck). Believe me, you don’t get to be like those guys at college who go to parties and have girls on the side they get to sleep with, trust me on that. It’s very limited and difficult to apply. It’s not like the dating system that the average American has. It’s not as easy. However I’ll say it’s meant for people in certain situations not everyone is the same and can simply “control themselves” as you say. You gotta keep in open mind and understand God is merciful.

      • Mariam

        Get married then! Mutah is only temporary pleasure, what happens when the contract expires and you’re hooked onto sex now? Are you gonna do another contract? Then what after that, another one? After all those mutah marriages you’ll be known as the town whore. Mutah is only temporary pleasure whereas marriage is permanent pleasure and PROPER love and affection. If you’re having trouble controling yourself then you should fast more to teach yourself some discipline. You should pray more (and on time!) to teach yourself some control. Self-control is a very important trait and skill to have. If you as a grown human dont have self-control, then what is the difference between yourself and an animal? Then what is the difference between yourself and a child? Yes self-control is a skill that can be learnt and ANYBODY can teach and turn this into a skill and habit of theirs. You just need to put in a whole lot of effort (fasting and praying are very helpful like i mentioned earlier).

        Also, what about the issue of children? The more you have sex the higher the changes of having a child. Are you really going to have a child with someone you dont love and only used for sex? Is that child really going to grow up knowing that his/her parents only came together entirely for the sake of sex and did not wish to have him/her? What a depressing life that child will have and grow up with. What a destruction to society! When we see a couple willing to divorce we as a society weep in sympathy towards their children. “Oh what about their kids? Those poor things would have to grow up with their parents seperated. One day with their mum and the next with their dad. What a troubling and upsetting life!”

        Well what about mutah? We get upset over a parents’ divorce but dont even dare to condemn mutah and its consequences? Such hypocrisy and double-standards. Do us muslims not have brains? How can we encourage something as destructive and degrading as mutah. It makes us no different from the kuffar in my opinion…
        As a muslim i fully condemn mutah and hope that every other muslim opens their eyes and does the same. I personally would never marry a man that has committed mutah, what a revolting thing to do.

        • Sayed1472

          Asalam O Alykum to all, This is Sayed Naqvi, Miss Mariyam, I do agree regarding discussing that (what about children), but this pleasure is only for those, who are compelled. as everyone knows regarding today’s wives, who never ever give their Husband permission to make second marry, while, in Islam there are 4 marriages are allowed for men, God created some extra things in men nature, so here you condemn is wrong……. compelled girls & compelled boys, if doing muta so there is no harm in, because, without having sex nobody sustain their life, every body needs some pleasure in shape of sex. because it is included in human nature, even girl or boy…

          • Sayed1472

            I’m married boy, and also have a wish to make second marry and my wife also knows my wish, but she made me aware that, I’ll not let you do 2nd marry,, while she is agreed in giving permission about Muta…. I shown my eager to her, then she said to me, if you have a strong zeal & zest, you are permitted to do Muta, made also promise with me, that I’ll quest girl for you……… here, what would you say Mariyam?

          • Sayed1472

            it is better to walk on steam dimension , instead of making any sin…..

          • Sayed1472

            muta is permissible, but date with any girl or boy is not, the thing that is done having seen the rules & regulations, so why should we condemn on it…. making sin is better or follow Islamic rules?????? you get my point I think…

    • Mariam

      Dexter you are absolutely right. But pornography has nothing to do with this, you went a bit off topic there, but other than that, well said! This is exactly how i see it. Mutah defeats the purpose of self-control and guarding ones private-parts from everyone expect the spouse. Mutah has the same effects as zina and even prostitution in my opinion. I am a muslim and completely condemn mutah because it goes against the basic teachings of Islam in regards to modesty, lineage and ties of kinship. I don’t believe my religion encourages it. It was a practice introduced by the Arabs in the pre-Islamic era and just like alcohol, Islam allowed it for a while and then later on prohibited it (for the sake of gradual and effective change). I believe mutah is a test and anyone with common sense would reject this unnecessary practice.

      • Sayed1472

        Ever one is mature here, and can take better decision for own, If any one has justified to belie about Muta,, so we can not do any thing….

  • Noor Saadeh

    Mutah again speaks a lot about taking care of men’s needs. We need to go back to a better and more applied understanding of women’s needs and protection as well.

  • Amber Peeden

    I have been speaking with a young man for about month now and it is getting to a point where we both can see something serious come out of it. He is an American Muslim and his family are strict Muslims but I am of other faith. He has asked me to enter into Mutah if that is the proper way of specifying it and I am a bit confused and nervous. His mother told him that we either do it or we are forbade to have any relations beyond being strangers and I am a bit scared. I have just started to learn about this faith but am still a bit confused and he cant get me to understand it very well. Maybe if I get advice from a young lady maybe it will make more sense to me. Please help.

    • Sayed1472

      Asalam O Alykum,,, you are mature, it is permissible to do, there are many evidence regarding muta, now you need to understand that your muta partner is sensor with you.

  • Joy

    Hey Amber. I dont think you should as you are already confused and nervous. I was seeing someone who used this on me but I then found out after 3 yrs later he was in several other mutas with girls. I felt immensely betrayed because he was horny all the time and made me believe we have to use muta in order to know each other. I then found out he had been doing this all his life. For him it was ‘free’ sex whenever/who ever. Muslim women are honoured and to be used as sex or being flaky is not needed. I think forget this Muslim guy and if he really is serious about you then marry you. Why waste time? Please dont get confused as Allah gave us guidance not to be abused yet people do that. If you look at good marriages, they are not required for muta but care and respect. Do contact me if you wanna talk hun. X

  • Sayed1472

    Awareness regarding Islamic history is necessary