Let’s Talk About Mutah, or Temporary Marriage in Islam

  • Ghadir


  • Dexter Morgan

    I see a lot of fancy talk but I don’t see anything different about it than pre-marital or casual sex. Just because there’s a few extra regulations doesn’t seem very impressive. If this is adopted, what exactly happens to the muslim critique of promiscuity, pornography, etc etc? What’s the point of dressing modestly or wearing a hijab or the equivalent for men? The whole thing becomes a joke. This is just watering things down so we don’t have to do any work. Feeling horny? Forget self control, go find someone to get naked with. Sorry but this just seems ridiculous.

    • Hadi Matar

      Not at all, mutah is different from all those things you mentioned, it’s haram to record yourself having sex and show to others btw (for your difference on porn) 2. You make it seem as if doing mutah is the easiest thing in the world, this article gave a general sense of the rules it didn’t get really into specifics because when you do, you realize it’s not so easy to even have a mutah with some of the conditions mentioned, in some cases with certain scholars they make it almost impossible. Believe me when I say it’s difficult because I was one of those people that actually sought to do it and still seek to do it, still no luck). Believe me, you don’t get to be like those guys at college who go to parties and have girls on the side they get to sleep with, trust me on that. It’s very limited and difficult to apply. It’s not like the dating system that the average American has. It’s not as easy. However I’ll say it’s meant for people in certain situations not everyone is the same and can simply “control themselves” as you say. You gotta keep in open mind and understand God is merciful.

  • Noor Saadeh

    Mutah again speaks a lot about taking care of men’s needs. We need to go back to a better and more applied understanding of women’s needs and protection as well.