Meet the First Headscarf-Clad Chef on Primetime Television

Amanda Saab
  • Kathleen Elders Valentin

    Hamdulilla, may you persevere

  • UmmAbdullaah

    Alhamdulillaah, that’s great.

    But I don’t think that she’s the first. If I can recall, there was an African American Muslimah on CutThroat Kitchen in either season 6 or 7. I’ve been trying to find it.

    Nevertheless, it’s great to see the sisters on Primetime.

    • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

      I agree with you, however the HUGE difference is Cutthroat Kitchen is a small show on a niche cable network; MasterChef is a HUGE show on a HUGELY mainstream TV channel airing at primetime.

  • Ruksana Begum

    She isn’t the first! Amina El Shafel was on Masterchef Australia in 2012.

    • Mohamed Elshafei

      thanks for bringing the fact…