These Canadian Signs Tackle Xenophobia in An Awesome Way

I’ve never understood the “Go back to where you came from” remark from non-Indigenous North Americans.
Like, did your school not offer a history class? Cause you ain’t from here, boo boo. For one thing, my ancestors never committed genocide to move to Canada. They did it legally, or as legally as you can immigrant to a land that was originally stolen.
But still some people (most white people) have the tendency to think it’s their place to tell immigrants they are not welcome. If only that had worked for Native Americans, am I right ?
And so along came these signs.
I wish they weren’t needed. Really. I wish all non-Indigenous people recognized their origin story, and how are some point in their families emigrated here as well.
But these signs are hilarious. And right to the point.

I don’t owe you my origin story, just like you don’t owe me yours. So unless you wanna send 1/3 of yourself back to Ukraine, 1/3 back to Poland and 1/3 back to Ireland, I suggest you chill. I’m from here.

These signs were put together by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, and well, they are amazing. After Columbus mozied his little self over here and wreaked havoc on this part of the world, there is no “Go back to where you came from.” Cause wouldn’t that be nice? I mean, imagine if all countries said “Go back to where you came from,” to colonizers. I’d be chillin on a beach in Kismayo drinking coconut water in my burkini and not worried about the possibility of Donald Trump being president. Ain’t that the life.
But we’re a little too late for the “Go back to your country” narrative, so until we can build a time machine to un-colonize the world, these signs will have to do the job to get the point across.