#KeffiyehDay: Here’s Why We’re Reclaiming the Keffiyeh for Palestine

Here at Muslim Girl, we are all about reclaiming narratives, and taking back what’s ours. And in honour of World Keffiyeh Day in Solidarity with Palestine, we are rescuing an important symbol of Palestinian resistance from the sticky fingers of the fashion world:  The Keffiyeh.

For centuries, it existed as a mark of utility. All over the Middle East, it was worn as protection from the elements–the arid climate, dust and sand, and the blazing Mediterranean sun.

But in the 1930’s, as colonialism dragged its weight across the continents, shaping and reshaping the map of the world, the Keffiyeh become a symbol of resistance. As Palestinians revolted against British colonial rule and the creeping theft of Palestinian land, the Keffiyeh became emblematic of the uprisings taking place and were worn by peasants and urban-dwellers alike.
In the 1960s, Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat iconized the Keffiyeh, donning it as a token of his wardrobe, wearing it wrapped around his head, with the end draped over his shoulder in a triangle, an outline of the map of Palestine.
The Keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian resistance long before the creation of the state of Israel, represents struggle and resilience. It is an enduring icon of remembrance, and an unflinching statement of defiance and solidarity.

When one wears the Keffiyeh, they carry with it an explicit message of support, and uncompromising opposition to oppression. It isn’t a fashion statement; a piece of fabric to be worn by hipsters and fashionistas on the hunt for edge and individuality.

We at Muslim Girl rock the Keffiyeh to both express our solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and to demystify the mainstream narratives that seek to either dilute its significance, or conflate it with terrorism.
We rock the Keffiyeh to show our support for the cause, and as advocates of justice for the Palestinian people.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Please consider purchasing a Keffiyeh from the last remaining factory located in Hebron, the Herbawi Textile Factory (http://www.kufiya.org).
Post a photo of yourself on social media today wearing a Keffiyeh, with the hashtag #KeffiyehDay.
Follow @keffiyehday on Instagram.

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