Work, Assignments, and… Wait, it’s Ramadan?

Are you feeling a little distant this first week of Ramadan?  Do you feel as if you have not accomplished much during the blessed month?  Without doubt, I can assure you that you are not the only one.  Sometimes we have programmed ourselves in the first few days to merely fast and then break it with our lips muttering the supplication almost nonchalantly.  Or perhaps our problems reside in attending schools and colleges or starting that new career we have been waiting for.  The time required for other activities takes too much energy out of us, leaving us feeling fatigued by the time we sit on the table with a date on our plate.

I am sure there is no need to impress on you the importance of worshiping and doing good deeds during the next few weeks.  The reward of a single good deed is a thousand times more during Ramadan and we are blessed to be the followers of Allah’s (SWT) religion in which opportunities of such deeds come in quick succession.  Even if our minds are not complying, our hearts are aching to find the inner peace our soul requires.  With the worldly matters distracting us, it is difficult to heed the advice. In light of these circumstances, how can we make the best of Ramadan?


Sometimes in lieu of necessary things, we squeeze in that extra work that is not necessary.  Doing so is a natural habit that we have accumulated throughout the year and as this month of blessings come by, we have developed a habit of “getting things done.”  As the answer to the problem, I have learned to procrastinate.  No need to scream in horror, procrastinating on things that are not going to effect you tomorrow is, actually, quite wise.  There are many sisters who are with me, I am sure.  (If your heart is palpitating to the thought and perspiration appears on your forehead, go to the next option.) You can put away that cleaning for a while, or the club meeting that you usually go to, or an assignment to “get ahead” in class.  Push that extra credit assignment that is dying to be touched to the future.  There is no need to pick up the phone call from your BFF telling you of the amazing hijab she saw in Al-Shams Market. Ignoring the non-essentials will provide you with time enough for prayers and Qur’an while giving you the opportunity to fulfill your other requirements.  If you still find yourself with a day wasted, then choose…

Plan B

Procrastination is not always so easy. Some things you just cannot leave behind.  You have to pick them up and finish them tonight.  “The assignment has to be turned in or you are risking a failing grade!”  If this is your scenario, ask yourself this: Can this wait ten minutes?  All you need to do is make a sincere intention, pick up that Qur’an or the prayer beads, set up a timer if you must, and dhikr away.  However, the condition of following this advice is sincere devotion.  When an act is carried out with pure love for Allah (SWT) and a desire to be near Him, it is rewarded with the amount of blessings we can never apprehend.  Devotion to Allah’s (SWT) remembrance being the key, those ten minutes can be your ticket to Paradise, with Allah’s (SWT) Mercy of course.

When the timer rings to inform you of ten minutes-well-spent, make the intention of doing it again after the matter at hand is addressed.  When we make a good intention and do not carry out it, we get rewarded for at least intending to do so.  There is nothing to lose, right?