Women’s Equality Day: What Islam Really Says About Women

There is no better TED Talk to look back on for celebrating Women’s Equality Day than What my religion really says about women by Alaa Murbait. Growing up in Canada and learning about Islam through her parents, Murbait never thought there would be inequality in Islam because she never felt it, even learning and living amongst her 10 siblings there was no different teaching between her or her brothers. However, she quickly noticed the change in dynamic when her entire family moved to Libya when she was 15 years old.
There she encountered discrimination against women and several prohibitions on what women could do, placed upon by men who would be claiming to justify it by the religion even though it was cultural standards. She took the opportunity and starting using religious scriptures to protect women’s right and justify why women should have an equal role in society because women cannot just stand back and have their decisions and lives in the hands on men who are political leaders and look down on them.
She talks about her journey and battle of getting more equality for women by backing it up by religion instead of the cultural norms and how her strong faith helped her get this message across and continues to allow her to be a peacebuilder every day in the name of equal women’s rights.
Watch the TED Talk! You will totally enjoy it!