Women Are Slaves

Women are slaves to their greatness. They are strictly obedient to the insufferable inclination to achieve the impossible. They toil, they tire; they are stripped raw into diamonds, not gold. Glitter and glitz is for peacocks, strutting superficiality as they were blessed with only their dance.

Defense is used for the pulse running in another’s veins, the rhythm as necessary for a woman as her own rising and falling chest; one soul, encasing the surrounding souls with invincibility. Laughter is reserved for those who haughtily believe the five-print red across her cheek and a padlock signify superiority.

The questionable argument of excessive emotion excludes the severity and power of assertiveness in light of the supposed flightiness of sadness and love, forgetful of the substance in passion. Women objectify ideas of extremity and absoluteness while the mediocre masses believe objectification lies in the physical.

Adaptability, an asset in every job description, lies with the color-changing chameleon, nature’s tribute to the adamant’s idiocy. What cannot be shaped is doomed, the unchanging’s success is confined to the capacity of their own mind. Womanhood does not need feminism; it empowers feminists. Misogynists are necessary; hatred is a result of a forceful emotional stirring.

Could a man ever truly feel the magnitude of motherhood and wifehood? That argument is reserved for the intellectually capable. The rest usually resolve the matter with blind empathetic fervor. The unfortunate who babble on about brute force and logic are insecure, a result of a deluded concept of manhood. The intelligent see the relentless desire to thrive, not the pounding of the scepter. Try as society might, a woman is not defined by her education, position, income, or constitutional rights. Her unyielding presence is merely a characteristic of the influence she holds, whether swathed in yards of black fabric or oppressed by lustful standards of beauty. It is why women are able to stir up such strong opinions, while confined in the corporate world and creatively boundless in kitchens.

A woman’s strength is her prevalence in your every thought, in your every action. The media provokes thought and conversation. So do women.

There’s a reason you made it to the end of this page.

image credit: aljazeera