I Woke Up Like This: Three Effortless Looks

If anyone reading this is a student like me, you obviously know that it’s tough to come up with outfits so early in the mornings, especially due to the lack of sleep and loads of work — #life.

Here are some really simple looks that I put together in about five minutes, that you can easily put together in your wardrobe as well! Some tips to make it look like, you know, you actually tried in the morning — ’cause let’s be real, who really has the energy these days?




EVERYONE has denim in their closets, and it’s my go-to when I’m going for a basic look. Boyfriend jeans & denim jackets are so comfy, and they literally go with anything and tie your look together. I love finding denim jackets at thrift stores for that loose fit, and boyfriend jeans are sold just about everywhere!



Anytime I see something in store with a black and white print, I’m immediately drawn to it. They’re so versatile and can be styled with almost any color, texture, or basic clothing item. I tend to go for an all-black look when it comes to these prints, but since not everyone is as colorless as me — oops — I’d recommend that you go for a bright lip or colored heels! They’re basic items but they really make a statement, and it’s not a hassle to put it all together.



IMG_8769 2

This basic staple is great, especially since the cold season is arriving — so no reason to worry about the sweat! Pull on a leather jacket over anything and it automatically makes you look like you put a lot of thought into the outfit. To add some extra layers of warmth and detail, follow Sobia (@sobi1canobi) to see how she added a printed blanket scarf! Forever 21, Zara, and H&M have a ton of them in stores right now. Leather jackets are a classic item and can be bought anywhere. It’s worth investing in one or two, because they’re so versatile and they last forever!

I hope this post helped those of you who struggle — like me — with putting together outfits in a rush! Don’t sweat it and follow these tips for a creative look that’s simple to put together. Now you can rush out the door and still look good. Until next time, I wish you all the best, insha’Allah!