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What I Wish for My Muslim Daughter in America as a New Mom

What I Wish for My Muslim Daughter in America as a New Mom

Ranna Abduljawad, a guest blogger last year who wrote “This Is What Happens When You Marry Outside of Your Nationality” for Muslim Girl, was a featured speaker for TEDxFSCJ.

In this video, she speaks candidly about her concerns while raising her daughter in a post-Trump era where Islamophobia and discrimination toward Muslims and people of color have become the norm.

While the talk is beautiful and raw as she discusses legitimate concerns of a new mom raising her Muslim daughter in America, what is most disturbing after watching the video was reading the comments from people who did not believe she belonged in America.

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  • One of the most fabulous things about being an American citizen is that as such, one is entitled to practice his/her religion of choice and interpret it however he/she pleases (as long as it harms no one).
    That is too rare a privilege.

  • This speaker is a Muslim which means that she has chosen to embrace the teachings of Mohammed. Mohammed advises husbands to beat disobedient wives. Mohammed values the legal testimony of two women as having the value of that of a single male. He says that daughter should receive half the inheritance that her brothers receive. Any person who chooses to accept Mohammed’s claims to being God’s messenger is a person of bad character. How can I possibly have any respect for any woman who follows the teachings of the Koran. The Koran is full of threats and admonitions to violence.

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