When Casting Your Vote, It’s Important to Consider That COVID-19 Causes Brain Damage

“I only like people who don’t catch viruses in a global pandemic,” – Donald Trump, probably.

Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic

With the mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis, the Trump Administration has caused thousands of needless deaths.  In fact, in  developed industrialized countries, the US has had among the most unfavorable outcomes with COVID. 

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy reports, “Before May 10, the United States had a lower coronavirus death rate than other high-mortality countries, but after that date, all six of the other high-mortality countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom) had lower death rates than the United States. For example, Italy’s death rate from May 10 to Sep 19 was 0.01%, compared with 0.04% in the United States.”

Now Trump has had COVID-19

A final straw in convincing me that Trump has no clue how to handle the pandemic could be that Trump, Melania, their son, and 30 of their top officials have all gotten COVID. This was as a result of a massive super spreader event. Trump and his people did not observe simple safety precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks at other events, so it’s unsurprising that COVID eventually caught up with him.

So Trump contracted the virus causing the global pandemic, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and the suffering of millions of Americans — likely as a direct result to follow recommended safety precautions. This shows he’s unqualified to lead us out of this crisis. Meanwhile, the pandemic currently seems to show no signs of abating.  In fact, in some places it is getting worse.  As Biden said in the debates, Trump has no plan.  Trump’s words in the debate were, “It’s going away.  The virus is going away.” Trump said, “We are just going to have to learn to live with it.” However, new reports about the consequences of COVID wildly contradict Trump’s complacency and attitude of passive acceptance.

Here’s the news: COVID-19 causes brain damage

Multiple studies in China and the U.S. have documented a variety of ways in  which COVID causes brain damage. In people who have had the virus, even long after they have tested negative, there are signs of brain damage, despite signs of this damage not showing up while they were testing positive.

The Harvard Study, which you can read here, cites a variety of reasons that COVID can cause brain damage. These include unseen strokes during the illness, encephalitis, and inflammation of the brain during the course of the disease.  Consequences of the brain damage resulting from COVID can include inability to sustain attention and increased vulnerability to Alzheimer’s, especially in those over 70.  Trump is 74.

Simple logic: vote Biden/Harris.

In case you have not followed the logic that is going through my mind like a five alarm fire warning, this has huge implications for the outcome of this election. The study indicates that brain damage is common, likely, and widespread from COVID. Trump was not only positive for the disease, but hospitalized for it. What does this mean about his overall ability to govern the country for four more years? Does it scare you? It should. Does it make you feel more motivated to vote for Biden/Harris? It should. He didn’t bother to take reasonable precautions to protect himself and his own family due to his commitment as selling the virus as a “hoax.” How can he protect the American people?

Trump’s judgment wasn’t sound enough to keep him from getting COVID — again, the issue isn’t so much that he got it, as plenty of people have gotten COVID through no fault of their own despite following all the guidelines — yet Trump flagrantly flaunted his violations and refusals to follow recommended guidelines. He unsurprisingly ended up with COVID. Now the consequences may make his already impaired thinking even more dangerously unsound.

Please vote, and please…vote Biden. 

Sarah is a social worker in the San Francisco Bay Area with at-risk and homeless youth. She likes to paint, drum, sing, and spend quality time with her family and God.