What’s the Secret to Mental Strength?


It’s an age-old story. Life’s not too shabby, and things seem to be going alright. Whether it’s the comfort of your five-year plan, or just knowing that you’re living the life you’ve chosen for yourself, you don’t feel any cause for complaint. You know it might not be the best use of your time, but you reward yourself with a little mindless screen-time to wind down from a hard day’s work. You’re scrolling away, blindly liking and subconsciously absorbing the carefully curated contents of your newsfeed.

And then, from the recesses of your mind comes a little shadow. Just a speck of doubt, niggling away at the feeling of contentment that dominates life. The perfectly put-together Instagram pages of your picture-perfect acquaintances and their picture-perfect outings begins to raise a question: how come their lives are so effortless? 

You know it’s not a good habit to compare and envy, but you just can’t help it. So what can you do? In this Ted Talk, the speaker takes us through what our bad habits cost us, and what this has to do with our mental strength.