What’s in your bag?

Bigger is always better! At least, for me it is. Before we dive into what is essential, we have to first get that perfect bag! Most of the time, I always prefer a bigger bag — especially to carry all the items I need for the whole day. I used to always buy bags that were a cheaper price, mainly because I got sick of the same ones pretty quickly. But then, when I started investing in a nice handbag, I found myself really utilizing it.

A few good rules to follow when investing in a nice handbag:

  • The quality must be durable. Get a bag that that is sturdy and has a thick handle, it’ll last longer.
  • Choose a neutral color: Black, Cognac (my favorite), and beige are perfect. I decided to get a black one and a cognac one just to switch it up some days.
  • Pockets! This really helps keep everything organized instead of it all getting lost in a giant bucket. I always look for a front pocket where I can place my keys and phone for easy access.
  • Pick one with a larger handle. Not too short, since that will hurt your arm holding it, and not too long because it’ll hit you when you walk. It should be just in the middle so you can carry it over your shoulder, like a tote.
  • Last, try to find one with a flat bottom. Flimsy bags always fall over. The ones with the flat bottom are perfect to put on the ground when in class or on a table without it flopping over.

Here are some of my favorite bags out right now! Click through if you’re interested:

A bigger bag is better for those of you who have longer days, traveling from one place to another. If you are going straight to one place — like the masjid, then of course, opt for a smaller bag. However, during the year when most of us are in school or working, a larger bag is much more ideal. Here are 10 essential items for every Muslim Girl’s Big Bag:

1. Wallet and Phone

Of course, this one’s a tad obvious. When buying a wallet, always look for function. Have it big enough so when going to the mall, you can grab it and go, but small enough not to take up too much space in your bag. Have fun with it, and choose a crazy color!

2. Prayer Mat and Beads

Get your own! Whoever thought of creating a travel size prayer mat is a genius. This is perfect for those of us on the go. I always like to keep dhikr beads with me just to remind myself to actually do dhikr when I am not busy busy!

3. A Mushaf

Sometimes this may be difficult to carry — especially with our laptops and books for school — but I highly recommend it. Alhamdulilah, we all have it on our phones and laptops, but there is just a unique feeling of carrying an actually mushaf.

4. Notebook and Pen

No matter where I go, I always have a notebook and a pen with me. You’ll never know when you have some brilliant idea or a reflection on life. It’s very important to write things down — they can mean so much more later.

5. Sunglasses

Who can forget a mean, dark pair of shades? I suggest investing in one or two good pairs of sunglasses. They’ll last you longer, and you’ll take care of them instead of just throwing them in your bag.

6. Scarf

I like to carry an extra scarf, either on my bag or in my car. It can be a cute accessory — warmth for the colder days, and of course, perfect for my muslim girls who do not wear hijab but need to pray.

7. Makeup Essentials

When out all day long, makeup tends to wear off. I personally recommend keeping three main things with you: Concealer, mascara, and lipstick. These three are enough for a touch up, or even a daily routine.

8. Skin Care

Lotion, vaseline, hand sanitizer — whatever it may be that you prefer, keep it with you. It’ll come handy when you least expect it!

9. Body Spray

Keep a light body spray with you. I sometimes am scared to put it in my bag in case of leakage, so I’ll leave it in the car and freshen up every few hours. I like ones with fresh scents, they help brighten my day.

10. Gum and Mints

Lastly, don’t forget a good breath freshener! Before a meeting or class, take a mint or piece of gum to ensure good breath.

I definitely cannot leave the house without any of these items. What are some personal items you always carry?