What to Wear: Summer Edition

“Aren’t you, like, hot under there?”

“It’s like, 100 degrees, can you breathe?”

“Can’t you just take it off, I’m sure you’ll be forgiven!”

These are just few of the comments that come our way. The weather begins to get warmer, the days become longer, and our struggle continues. For all muslim girls who wear hijab or dress modestly, this is the toughest time of the year. This is definitely a toil for many, but a breeze for others. After 10 years of wearing hijab, I definitely have gotten used to it, but I can’t say it’s easy. As much as I love the outdoors, I just want to stay inside my cool, air conditioned room. The hardest part is trying to find fashionable, yet breathable clothing for those really hot, muggy days. So I’m here to help you feel a little cooler this summer and make it just a little easier.

Look 1: Maxi Dress/Skirt

The first obvious one is a maxi dress or skirt. It is the best time of year to take advantage of these flowy, colorful maxis! Cardigans and blazers can get a little hot over maxis for the summer time — so opt for a crop top or light button-up instead.

In the first outfit, I paired a tribal dress with a black crop top. It’s comfortable for the hot summer days, yet covers everything modestly too. For the second outfit, I paired a tee with a maxi skirt and a chambray shirt. This can even be paired with a vest or a plain full-sleeves tee.

Look 2: Harem Pants

The second summer item is a pair of harem pants. They were spotted last year, but have really come with full force for Spring and Summer 2013. They come in many prints and colors. The best part about harem pants is how comfortable they are!

Look 3: Palazzo Pants

The last modest must-have item is a pair of palazzo pants! These are especially amazing for shorter people who want to add height, like myself.

In the first outfit, I wore floral palazzo pants with a long cardigan to the beach. It was cute, yet covered. In the second outfit, I wore it as more of a dressier look and paired it with a structured leather jacket. These beige palazzo pants would be perfect with a plain white tee as well.

While it may be difficult styling outfits to wear besides maxi dresses in the heat, it’s not impossible! Insha’Allah you have found some inspiration for the hot summer days to come.

feature image credit: jovanita