What Feminism Means to Me

Feminism is light coming to confront the darkness.


It is a coming of change and a warning to those who are not willing to let this change build a new world.


Feminism is art and action, history and future.


Feminism is present. A gift built to new heights with the fire of each new generation.


Feminism is anger and love, ambition and patience.


Feminism is sacrificial and giving. A fulfillment of what is right in a world that asks it to pay a heavy price.


Feminism is the man who fights against the worst versions of himself. He takes the time to uplift a woman where once his predecessors pushed her down.


Feminism is the man who loves his daughter unconditionally, is the man who protects his sister unquestioningly, and worships his mother eternally.


Feminism is the right to choose in a world that gives her opportunities of choice in a society that does NOT make her pay a heavier price for the choices she makes.


Feminism is NOT the gains of the white woman at the expense of the brown woman’s voice.


Feminism is NOT a t-shirt that celebrates feminism at the cost of a child’s humanity in a sweatshop factory.


Feminism is NOT apologetic. So the statement “I’m sorry” does not apply.


Feminism is bold and brash, calm and thoughtful.


Feminism is black and brown, powerful and resilient.


Feminism is poetry and practicality.


Feminism is ancestral and prophetic.