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What Can You Do About the Hijab Ban in India?

In case you haven’t been catching up with recent news, there’s been an outrage following the India hijab ban order – and we’ve got the full story here.

Long story short, on 5th February 2022, an order was issued by the Karnataka government, in India, banning Muslim students from wearing a hijab as part of their “compulsory school uniform.”

Ever since then, several schools have fallen back on this order to justify even MORE students being denied their right to education – catalysing protests, petitions, and court debates.

Not only does this present to us Islamophobia in the year 2022, but it also reiterates the obsession political heads (as well as, quite oddly, the public) have with the way women decide to cover themselves(!)

It all sounds like something out of a history book…but it isn’t.

It’s happening now as we speak.

So what does the public say?

Well, the outrage hasn’t been exclusive to India. Celebrities, as well as other well-known figures, have taken to social media to condemn the injustice.

Human Rights Watch

Malala Yousafzai

Bella Hadid

The Kuwaiti Government

What Can You Do?

Muslim women talk back – Muslim Girl

Raise awareness! (And don’t hesitate to sign any petitions while you’re at it).

Use your social media platform to voice your opinion and spread the message.

Not to state the obvious, but the India hijab ban is a violation against both Muslims and women, and we should all be encouraged to play a part.