Week of 4/27/15: Pamella Geller’s Muhammad Art Exhibit is This Weekend!

#MuslimGirlProbs is our weekly link roundup of headlines, stories, events, and situations that make us want to rip our hijabs off.

Another set of crazy headlines. Enjoy.

Week of 4/27/15:

  • Pam Geller’s racist and Islamophobic art exhibit is this weekend. Yep, the one she’s organizing for people to ridicule Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through drawings and cartoons. Welp. Your efforts to piss off a billion Muslims just failed – because we are pushing back with LOVE. You asked to Draw Muhammad – and so we did. Check it out in our video here. [Pam Geller]
  • A French Muslim girl was kicked out of class because her skirt was too long. Apparently her choosing to wear a maxi skirt that morning was taken as a sign of “protest” against the racist French laws banning any religious wear. Or maybe she just wanted to put on a freaking skirt? Long skirts aren’t unique to Muslim girls  – they’re all over fashion week runways, red carpets, and store windows. So get over it, France. You should applaud that girl for being so stylish. [Washington Post]
  • David Horowitz vilifies Muslims and Arabs on campus – so what does the Chairman of the College Republicans at UNC do? He reaches out to both the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) in an effort to have them co-sponsor an “Anti-Israel Jihad” event with Horowitz. Say what? There are two things wrong here: first, why would anyone host an event with someone who promotes racist and Islamophobic ads (or ask the victims of this vilification to do so)? Second, ya’ll need to stop grouping the MSA and SJP as if they’re one and the same. This makes it seem like the Palestinian-Israeli issue is a religious one – and it certainly is not. [Daily Tarheel]
  • Muslim women must have sex with their husbands – even on CAMELS, claims cleric. This outrageous Malaysian “fatwa” talks about how women are obligated to fulfill the sexual desires of their husbands. Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, the guy behind this bizarre statement said something about how women can only refuse sexual demands when she’s on her period (bahahah), and that there is “no such thing as rape in Islam.” Listen here Mr. Fatwa, no consent = rape. Period. When will people like you stop misquoting hadiths and forgetting the fact that a woman in Islam has the right to have sex and to PROTEST it, too? [Al Arabiya]
  • Stephen Harper’s Twisted Logic on Muslim Women’s Rights. Yep, the Prime Minister of Canada is still trying to get people to believe that Islam is “anti-women” and this is enough reason to ban the niqab. He’s using the tactic of “pro-equality” (oh, the irony), and “helping the vulnerable.” We don’t need your saving Mr. Harper – thanks, but no thanks. Instead of worrying about how Muslim women wear what, please pay attention to, and protect, indigenous women from sexual assault crimes – Tina Fontaines’s case for example, something you said “isn’t really high on our radar to be honest.” Wow. [Care2]