Week of 4/13/15: Canadian school forces Muslims to pray outside

#MuslimGirlProbs is our weekly link roundup of headlines, stories, events, and situations that make us want to rip our hijabs off.

Another set of crazy headlines. Enjoy.

Week of 4/13/15:

  • Mason High School principal cancels Muslim event, then apologizes. What’s new in America? In an effort to combat stereotypes that affect Muslim high school girls wearing hijab, a Covered Girl Challenge was hosted by the school’s MSA. According to a school board candidate, this event “promotes” the religion of Islam, and hijabs are a symbol of oppression. Same candidate said: “I do not recall ever getting an email announcing a Christian Cross Wearing day.” Um, maybe because Christian students in America aren’t being targeted or killed for their religion? #JusticeForMuslims, anyone? [Cincinnati]
  • Another day, another Mosque and Islamic Center becomes the target of vandalism. This time, it was the Edmond mosque and Stillwater mosque, both relatively close to Oklahoma State University. In the Stillwater mosque, someone shot a BB gun through the windows (luckily the mosque was empty) and in the Edmond mosque, someone wrapped bacon strips around door handles. Really? REALLY? #AmericanMuslimsProblems. [NewsOK]
  • Teacher asks students to put themselves in the shoes of Muslims through a “point of view” writing assignment.  All hell broke loose because #CreepingSharia. Apparently school “snubs christianity” with this assignment. “I feel the purpose of the assignment is to show prejudices toward Muslims in America or to invent them or exaggerate them,” one angry parent said. Yeah, because Islamophobia is totally a figment of our imagination (read: chapel hill shooting, Somali teen, Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, deliberately killed in hit-run, vandalization of mosques, discrimination in the workplace/school, etc. etc. etc.). [World Net Daily]
  • Canadian school forces Muslim students to pray outside. Muslim students comply, but quietly and quickly pray in nooks and crannies of school during the harsh winter. School sends letter home saying students will not be enrolled next year because they violated the no-praying-in-school rule. The school was fined a total of $26,000 for “distress and loss of dignity after the boys were forced to hide at the school or leave the property during the city’s chilly winter to fulfill their faith’s obligations.” Hell yeah. That’s more like it. [National Post]
  • Islamophobe, Ayaan Hirsi Ali sympathizer speaks out on Duke canceling her talk. How about non-muslims and especially opportunistic Islamophobes like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others mentioned in this article, just stop talking about and on behalf of Muslims? Yep, that would be great. [TIME]