How to Get Through Wedding Season: A Muslim Single’s Guide

It’s wedding season for Muslims all around North America. That boy you used to go to Sunday School with is finally getting hitched. That girl from the MSA that you thought was cute, but you were too afraid to talk to, just posted pictures from her henna party. Let’s admit it, after college graduation there are very few things that are worth celebrating. It’s either your law or medical school ceremonies. And if you’re Muslim, your worth is measured by two things: First, what post-graduate degree you decided to pursue. If it’s an M.D. or J.D your parents are really proud. Everyone else, please give a moment of silence to the shame your parents feel by the neighborhood uncles. And the second thing is the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t spend too much time picking them though. You wouldn’t want to die alone in your room at 35 right?

1. Take advantage of your friends’ weddings to meet new people, make friends, have a good time and even find that special someone.

Weddings are the best places for a bunch of Muslims to come together and congregate. Take advantage of this time to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, join strangers on the dance floor and have a little fun.

2. This isn’t your pity party.

Some people can bring down a mountain with their grievances. The grievance being that they’re still single. Don’t use your friend’s big day to throw yourself a pity party. You can schedule one later.

3. Hide under a rock and delete social media

You could go to this extreme and hide FOREVER. Then you’ll definitely be alone with your 50 cats.

4. Ask to help out!

For the bride, groom and their families weddings are really stressful. Ask whatever side you’re a part of if they need help with either preparations or on the big day. They will thank you so much and return the favor one day InshAllah. Bonus points because now you have an excuse to talk to the cute gals/guys.

5. Do NOT listen to Adele.

For the love of God and yourself do not play Adele during wedding season. I love the queen as much as you but her lyrics will only bring up unwanted feelings and you’ll be spending the whole season crying rivers.

6. Don’t text your Ex!

Please do not do this! Even if you see them at the wedding don’t bother engaging. Let this wedding be an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and talk to new people. You don’t want to waste time on an old rusty door. It’s closed for a reason.

7. Treat yo self!

Admit it. Most of us don’t have any other occasions to buy fancy outfits. Whether you’re a guy or girl a friend’s wedding is a great opportunity to spend on yourself without the guilt. You wanna look sharp so their pictures turn out great! If you’re a girl, definitely buy a nice outfit with matching shoes, jewelry and do your hair/hijab. If you’re a guy, this is a great opportunity to get a tailored suit. Did you know some girls judge a man by his footwear?

8. Avoid Danger zones:

-gossip club: Don’t waste your day with the people from your hometown who are too bored with their own lives and only find joy in drama this includes guys and girls. Spend sometime with the single crew but get out of your comfort zone and talk to the new people, especially the opposite gender! You’re at a wedding don’t make this a masjid scene.

-Rishta Aunties: It’s ok to say your Salaams to the auties but you don’t owe them time for answering questions like, “Why aren’t you married yet?” “You’re getting old…when are you going to settle down.” The best answer to Rishta aunties to shut them down I’ve learned over the years is, “InshAllah when God wants it to happen it will Auntie.”

9. Stay off your phone:

Don’t waste the whole weekend checking facebook and texting your other friends who aren’t at the wedding. Be in the moment and give time to the occasion you’re a part of. But of course let this be an opportunity to get a new profile picture upload a nice Instagram photo. If you’re friends with the photographer, even better!

10. After 4 days of wedding high:

You’re bound to get the blues when you go home after a weekend full of fun! Don’t put yourself in a pool of sadness or drink your tears. Send the happy couple a prayer and make dua for yourself. You’re a Goddamn champion don’t forget that!

Image: Instagram @ArabProblems