Wearing Nail Polish During Wudu and While Praying

Many muslims believe that nail polish creates a barrier against wudu, or ablution water, and thus invalidates prayer. Oftentimes I deal with people leaving comments on my social media asking about (or straight up judging) my claw situation. I’m a woman who loves doing my nails and always have. I mean, we even launched a groundbreaking halal nail polish collection at Muslim Girl, largely inspired by our passion for the mani.

Since this is coming up again this Ramadan, I decided to finally make a video explaining my perspective: why I choose to wear nail polish, what my personal interpretation is regarding ablutions, and why I believe it’s important for Muslim women to take a more active role in mindfully defining our practice.

What do you think about wearing nail polish while praying? Can this critical thinking apply to nail polish and beyond?