Watch: This Muslim Woman Has a Makeup Tutorial You Have to See!

After seeing the rise in popularity of makeup tutorials on YouTube — and the subsequent increase in self-esteem issues among young Muslim girls — Aisha Rosalie knew she needed to send a powerful message to her sisters in Islam about the most important makeup one can wear: the noor from Allah. Regarding the makeup tutorials, Aisha said in an email, “They make young girls think that they are not good enough, and businesses profit from that.”

Indeed, numbers show the U.S. cosmetics industry was worth about 49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. There’s even a term that’s been coined to deal with what may ultimately be a form of body dysmorphia arising due to our preoccupations with social media filters: “selfie dysmorphia.” In 2017, more than half of cosmetic surgeons surveyed said that the motivation of their patients was to look better in selfies.

It’s fine to enjoy and have fun with makeup — but don’t forget where your real beauty comes from: within!