Watch: This Global Health Consultant Explains Why COVID Is Our Future

Alanna Shaikh, a global health consultant, wants us to be prepared for the worst, saying that COVID “is our future.” In this video, Shaikh breaks down why there will be more epidemics and breakouts, and how humans contribute to that due to the way that we interact with our planet. Shaikh provides a compelling argument as to why human choices will create the perfect environments for future epidemics and pandemics to occur.

“This is not the last major outbreak we’re ever going to see. There’s going to be more outbreaks, and there’s going to be more epidemics. That’s not a maybe; that’s a given. 

And it’s a result of the way that we, as human beings, are interacting with our planet. Human choices are driving us into a position where we’re going to see more outbreaks. Part of that is about climate change and the way a warming climate makes the world more hospitable to viruses and bacteria. But it’s also about the way we’re pushing into the last wild spaces on our planet. When we burn and plow the Amazon rain forest so that we can have cheap land for ranching, when the last of the African bush gets converted into farms, when wild animals in China are hunted to extinction, human beings come into contact with wildlife populations that they’ve never come into contact with before, and those populations have new kinds of diseases: bacteria, viruses – stuff we’re not ready for,” Shaikh says.

Watch the video above to learn more — and learn how you can engage with your surroundings in a more mindful way in order to help.