Living Your Single Years Well
YouTube, Nafisa's Pearlz

Watch: Living Your Single Years Well

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, do you feel you belong with lonely Muslims? Do you scroll through your social media, wishing you could celebrate a halal partner? Or wishing that you would at least be living your single years well?

Whatever you’re feeling today, know that it’s totally valid. And we hope that you don’t confuse not having someone to celebrate with with your worth as an individual.

Because you’re enough — you just still haven’t met the person that suits you.

And not meeting that person doesn’t make you any less.

So don’t let what you see on social media make you think that you’re missing out just because everyone is posting pictures and celebrating.

Because here’s the truth: Being single on Valentine’s Day, or being single in general, doesn’t make you inferior to those who are “happily married.”

It’s not a sad thing that you’re single, and it’s not a calamity; it’s normal to be single. You’re complete even if you don’t have a husband.

Are you still not quite sure about all of this? We’ve got you! Don’t take our words for it if you don’t want to.

Watch Nafisa’s Pearlz as she deconstructs baseless norms about single Muslim women that we grew up following so that you’ll start living your single years well, insha’Allah!