Courtesy of West Dawn Media

Watch this Hilarious YouTube Series, ‘Guess Who’s Muslim?’

Consider this scenario: a white Anglo Saxon American male has a spiritual awakening, converts to Islam, and now he has to inform his family of said religious change. Sounds like it would be a mess, right?
Toronto-based Muslim director, writer, and producer Jonathan Abdilla decided to take this concept and put a light-hearted spin on it. With a directorial history centering on short films and documentaries about Muslim people from different walks of life, including the popular Change of Heart, it only made sense to take this direction.
Without spoiling too much, the main character Peter visits his family to essentially ‘come out’ as Muslim. The problem? His mom and dad think he’s coming out as something much different and of course, they’re in complete denial: “Your father saw you wearing a long white dress one day, hugging a man with a beard!”
The hilarious four-part series is available to watch for free on YouTube below: