[VLOG] Ever Wonder What Eid Al-Adha Is Like in Gaza?

As I write to you from the worn-torn city of Gaza, I hope you all enjoyed your Eid with your family and loved ones!
Have you ever wondered how someone living in Gaza celebrates such an occasion? How we enjoy our Eid with our modest resources — while craving for bigger possibilities?
If you did, like many other foreigner friends, my twin Saja and I can show you.
We want to share our journey with you this Eid — to let you know how it all goes down and how everyone comes together to share the love (and food!) amid a very real struggle.
We hope you like what we’ve worked on for you during our Eid, and we hope to invite everyone abroad to get a glimpse into our daily lives.
Tell us what you think of the video! And let us know what you want to see more of from Gaza.