The Video That Made Time Stop for Arabs Everywhere

Two beautiful sisters wrote a letter to the Arab world. In it, they captured the essence of the region today and the trembling thoughts of Arabs across the world.

Rihan Younan is a poet. With her power of poeticism, she wrote earth-shattering prose about the current state of the Middle East, touching upon Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. Her sister, Faia Younan, is a singer. With her gift of lyricism, she crafted an entire song to match and respond to Rihan. Together, they create a duo that stops time for Arabs everywhere.

Though the video neglects some other conflicts still taking place in the Middle East, like the sectarian conflict still raging in Bahrain, we could probably guess that it would be way longer than 8 minutes if it were to fit in everything. The conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine are at the heart of the ailments afflicting the Arab world. And, for a brief 8 minutes, our hearts found peace.

With their passion, voices, and timeless words, these Syrian women from Sweden reverberated the heartfeels of an entire people.

Be sure to follow the #ToOurCountries hashtag discussion, where Arabs everywhere are sharing their sentiments of the present state of the Middle East.