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[VIDEO] Leah V. Shows You How to DIY This Turmeric Face Mask
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  • I make a turmeric face mask using powdered turmeric, yogurt, honey, and flour (just to make it pasty). I used to use lemon, but the acidity just made my skin red. It takes a looooong time to see the results and I typically use the mask after my workouts, so anywhere between 3-5 times a week. When I use it after my work outs, I keep it on for about 20 minutes but if its a work out free day and I’m masking I usually keep it on for nearly an hour because that’s when it really sticks to your face. You can also add sugar if you want to exfoliate your skin and I use sesame oil afterwards to moisturize.

  • @leahvernon:disqus Well, it is pretty cool to get creative and brave to use items you have at home to make a face mask. Except, I am so careful about what I put on my face because it is one of my best features and I think I look pretty young for 46. Now, I will tell you that tumeric is a natural thickening agent because I cook with it, not only seasoning meats with it but also using it in everything from red beans to fish tea soup. I buy it like I buy my onion powder and other spices from the produce market and I have not tried the supplement. The last mask I bought is the L’oreal Pure Clay Cleanser mask but I got it because it was on sale at Walgreens just because I wanted to try something new. I usually buy this Queen Helene mask and it is certainly a lot more effortless which is how I like my beauty routines. It was fun watching you and I would have featured it on Abornewords. But girl, you cursed to much. I still like watching though.

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