[VIDEO] Ghazala Khan: ‘Trump Doesn’t Know the Meaning of Sacrifice’

In case you missed it, and was not able to read about Ghazala Khan’s response to Trump regarding her silence on stage during the DNC speech her husband gave, she decided to take to the camera to talk to us (and Trump) from the heart.
“I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word sacrifice,” she said. “Because when I was standing there, all of America felt my pain without saying a single word. Everybody felt that pain. But I don’t know how he missed that. Please, Mr. Trump — feel that pain and you will be better in understanding me. Please.”
Khan also talked Islam and how it has helped her deal with her loss. “My faith — Islam has given us strength. All the women and men are equal in God’s eyes. There’s nothing that we won’t do for each other,” she said. “I don’t know what type of Islam he has read or heard — I’m so sorry that he does not have any idea what Islam is.”
Mr. Trump, just because you are running for president doesn’t give you the right to act like a bully and disrespect whoever you want.
Show some respect — our children are watching, and we don’t encourage bully behavior. We hope you take Mrs. Khan’s advice on how to act when running for president. You apparently didn’t get the memo beforehand.
Watch the video on ABC News’ Facebook page here.