These Verona Collection Hijabs Are Perfect For Daily Wear

I have been a fan of Verona Collection hijabs for a couple of years now, so when I discovered that Verona was going to be in the Muslim Girl Care Package for April, I was ecstatic!

I received the gray hijab with black satin trim. I already own the purple and pink hijab of this style but I have been eyeing the gray hijab so this was perfect.


This hijab is great for every day but has the unique satin trim. It’s great to wear on the daily to class or work and the light viscose material makes it an easy-wear for mothers like me who want something practical yet chic. One reason Verona is my go-to modest shop is because it is affordable and the company has tons of options and styles!

They have a special discount for Muslim Girl readers too! Just the code “MuslimGirl” at checkout for 20 percent off your entire order!


image2-2Verona recently opened its first store in Orlando within the past year, marking a huge milestone for Muslim-owned fashion retails. The owners,  Lisa Vgol and Nadine Abu-Jabra founded the online company in 2015. Read more about them here.

What are some of your favorite products from Verona?  Have you tried their products before? If not, what are some products you would like to try out?