Azeeza Hasan/Facebook

This Valedictorian Protested a Trump Rally, Muslim Girl Style

What would you do if Trump was speaking at your school?
There’s a lot of things I would do. Some less legal than others. But one Muslim girl was faced with that dilemma this week.
Azeeza Hasan was the valedictorian for her graduating class this year at Briar Woods High in Ashburn, Va.
During her speech she said:

“I gotta tell you, I am quite relieved to be up here before Trump becomes president – because if he were right now, I’d be giving this speech from a raft somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.”

She’s going to Brown University in the fall, and she is everything that is #MuslimGirlFire. You’ll understand what I mean as you read further:
A few weeks after graduating, she found out that a Trump Rally was being held at her high school.
Rather than allow hatred to take away her safe space, Hasan decided to protest the Trump rally by taking over the space of man-man-Trump. She was going to crash his rally along with other classmates from marginalized communities.
In a Washington Post interview, she stated:

“It was to essentially denounce all the indecent rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth. Making fun of the disabled…xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny. Things that we feel are poisoning this country.”

Her friends and classmates showed up to the rally with shirts and signs with anti-Trump slogans. And as was expected, they were escorted out by security.
Because everyone knows Trump’s biggest fear is outspoken Muslim women. (#CanYouHearUsNow?)
Hasan said that when she tried to interact with Trump supporters, many were cruel. One man even told her that Islam was a religion of rape and murder.
According to Hasan, it was an eye-opening experience. It was also the first time that she had ever felt afraid at her own school.
And so it seems that Trump’s doe to “Make America Great Again” means returning America to its roots of hatred, genocide and slavery — i.e., “Make America Hate Again.”