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[UPDATED] Hate Crime Watch: 569 Islamophobic Attacks in 512 Days

[UPDATED] Hate Crime Watch: 569 Islamophobic Attacks in 512 Days

569 Islamophobic Attacks in 512 Days

(Above is a map of the anti-Muslim attacks and instances of Islamophobic hate speech since August 6, 2015, the date of the first debate of this election cycle.)

Earlier this year, we posted the first part of our list of Islamophobic attacks, compiled from sources such as The Huffington Post’s Islamophobia tracker, CAIR, and #HateHurts. This list has now been updated to include all attacks — defined by MuslimGirl as both verbal and nonverbal (i.e., physical or political) acts of prejudice or discrimination rooted in a fear or dislike of Islam and Muslims — from the date of the first debate of this 2016 Presidential election cycle to Dec. 30, 2016.

Though it is overwhelming both to compile and to read, Muslim Girl has done so with the hopes of shedding light on how powerful words and actions can truly be. As you look through these incidents, note the spikes in incidents after terrorist attacks and other global events spurred by self-proclaimed “Muslims” who have tainted the name of Islam for the purposes of their own hate-filled, entirely un-Islamic agendas. “In Order to form a more perfect Union” and set an example for the outside world, it is time that we acknowledge that we must first as a country address the hateful and harmful rhetoric that comes from within.

Furthermore, we recognize that although this list is extensive and the most comprehensive of publicly available lists, it is based on media reports and is therefore far from completely comprehensive; the Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a statement saying that it has received reports of 112 anti-Muslim attacks in the month following the election. Additionally, there are tens if not hundreds of more-than-microaggressions that occur each day against taxi drivers, convenience store clerks, grade school students, and thousands of other average Muslim Americans that go unreported because people are either scared of retaliation, or don’t have the time or resources to do file a report, among other reasons.

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To report an incident or share your story, send us an email.

Click next to read through a list of the 569 reported islamophobic attacks and hate speech in the past 512 days.

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  • What a bunch of BULLSHIT. How many of these “hate crimes” are real??? They are probably FAKE – just like you guys did with Trump a few weeks ago. You FUCKING Muslims come to this country NOT wanting to assimilate and then force your BARBARIC 7th Century FUCKING SHIT-HOLE RELIGION on us. FUCK YOU. Go back to the MID-EAST SHIT-HOLE from whence you came!!! When you decide to become AMERICANS and believe in LGBT, women’s rights, LIBERALISM, and things WESTERN, then, maybe, – you might be welcome here. In the mean time FUCK YOU CUNT and STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE US!!!

    • Hi, I`m Christian like you may or may not be, and here is the deal. The only thing ” BARBARIC” or from the “7th Century” on this article is your comment. First of all the first amendment grants religious freedom, to all, not just people who practice your religion, whatever that might be. Just an FYI because you may not know this, Trump is against the LGBT community and women’s rights. So why would Muslims be attacking Trump if he has same belief as them. Just something to think about. Also the name of this website is Muslim Girl, so wouldn’t you think a website centering around women and girls be pro-women rights. Now if you want to talk about not be Pro-women’s rights lets talk about your use of the word “cunt”. If you were pro-women rights then you wouldn’t be using such rude and offensive language, to talk to women, and people in general. Just because you have the freedom of speech, it dose not mean you can be an asshole. I know it is easier to say what you think online because no one knows who you are, so you keep doing you. Yours Truly, A LGBT girl who is over your issues.

      • Jessie. I don’t know what to say, but you are a fool. A complete fool. When you have something intelligent to post, then get back to me – K?

      • YOU ARE AN IDIOT. You need to get SHARIA’D. HAVE THESE MUSLIM GOAT FUCKERS Stick their DICK in your ASS!!! LOL!!! LOSER!!!

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