Eid Wardrobe Secrets

Two Muslim Fashionistas Share Their Eid Wardrobe Secrets

Eid al-Adha is around the corner, and we’re once again left with the same question: What should I wear for Eid? In case you don’t know, there are two types of Muslim women in this world: one that comes fully prepared, and one who settles with an outfit they put together last minute with whatever is on hand. The difference between the two types is simple: The former type has its Eid wardrobe secrets; the latter doesn’t.

These secrets can be simple, yet crucial, fashion hacks discovered with experience, that go on to become coveted wardrobe secrets.

So if you feel like you’ve missed the competition on the #MuslimMetGala for Eid al-Fitr, we have two of your favorite influencers coming together to talk about their Eid routines so that you nail your look this time!

Q1. Are you planning your outfit for Eid?

Imani B

Rule number one: If you don’t start planning for your look at least 30 days before Eid, you’re risking your chances of creating the perfect look.

Q2. What kind of outfits do you go with for Eid?

Mariah Idrissi

Rule number two: Before you wear your outfit, be sure to align it with where you are going and who you are spending your time with. (Trust me, skipping this step comes with consequences.)

Eid Wardrobe Secrets

If you’ve always wondered how Muslim women and girls are always 100% prepared for Eid and nailing their #EidLooks every single year, then you don’t want to miss the full episode of Muslim Women’s Wardrobe Secrets.

In this episode, Muslim Girl founder Amani sat with Imani B and Mariah Idrissi where they answered some of the frequently asked questions by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Be sure to watch the full episode here.

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