Twitter Re-Defined Literary Classics in Trump’s Language & It’s the Best Thing Ever

It started, like most viral Twitter hashtags, with a single tweet. Antonio French’s tweet during the presidential debate, which poked fun at Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge on foreign policy, quickly gained itself a large audience as people contributed their hilariously creative thoughts. And the hashtag #TrumpBookReport was born. Here are a few of the best:

1. The one that started it all


2. This plot twist to John Green’s popular tear-jerker


3. And this cheeky jokester


4. This tweet that showed us where all the kids are disappearing to these days.


5. This logic that proves Hemingway was in on it.


6. A message that captured Trump’s (small) hand gestures perfectly.


7. This perfect synopsis of Tolkien.


8. This man who gave us Trump in 21 characters.


9. This tweet that showed Trump is a creep who bullies teenage girls.


10. Poor Les.


11. Why, Hillary? We need our grains.


12. And finally, this comedic gem.


#TrumpBookReport is just one hashtag on Twitter that has served to make the 2016 elections a little easier to swallow. While the Republican Party’s presidential nominee spews hatred at Hillary Clinton and accuses her and her campaign, as well as the media, of rigging the election—Americans will undoubtedly continue to take to Twitter in an attempt to rid themselves of their grievances — or at least use their creative imaginations while they can, before President Trump locks us all up for conspiring against him.