What Would Trump’s Presidency Mean for a MuslimGirl?

Donald Trump.

Right in front of us, the United States has heard the name grow from a fervent whisper to what it is now: an obnoxious roar. And though the media gives Trump attention solely based on his eccentric personality, his incredible rise in popularity in the polls indicate that the billionaire may not be so innocuous a threat to the foundations of democracy that we initially suspected.

Irrespective of his hair or his inappropriate comments on nearly every subject, Trump is polling better than established candidates in the demographics the Republican party relies most heavily on: middle-aged, White American males. And while we still use humor as the only tool to combat the anxiety we face at the possibility of his nomination, we wanted to objectively determine what a Trump presidency would mean for the American Muslim woman. For the intent of this article, we’ve taken it to mean a young daughter of immigrants who is currently completing (or has already completed) her undergraduate education. If this sounds like you, here’s what Trump 2016 (and frighteningly, possibly 2020) will probably look like for you.

It will mean an inability to choose whether or not you will have a child.

Though he initially favored the right of women to determine whether or not they terminated their pregnancy, Trump has recently adopted the position that women should not be allowed to make that decision, and that the sections of Obamacare that support federally funded abortions need to be repealed.

A Trump presidency will mean lower taxes.

Though socially conservative, Trump has won huge support in Republican areas by suggesting ideas too radical for the Republican party to even consider: increasing taxes on America’s most wealthy citizens while relaxing financial constraints on the middle class. He has admitted that “the middle class in America is getting clobbered,” and (notwithstanding the megalomania) “I do very well. I don’t mind paying a little more in taxes.”

His election will mean an (almost impossibly) more confusing Middle East.

Trump is looking for ‘The Man’ in the Middle East: tall, dark and commanding, he will enter the Middle East and fix everything with the American might and dedication needed for true success, and walk out amongst cheers from local Arabs who sing his praises of affection. And while this totally viable, realistic foreign policy plan sounds exciting, it’s missing a pretty significant part: the protagonist. Trump has yet to find the man for the job of literally repairing the Middle East and being home in time for dinner. We wish him luck.

It would mean an increasingly harmful environment.

Trump still maintains that climate change is an elaborate hoax. Despite the already tangible consequences of fossil fuels in cities like Shanghai, Trump insists that oil is the lifeblood of America and will revitalize the economy. Trump remains in full support of the Keystone XL Pipeline and other drilling measures that would facilitate the destruction our global environment.

You will be recognized as a part of the “Muslim problem.”

Though Trump has maintained that the United States needs to accept more Syrian refugees because of the humanitarian problem that has gripped the nation, he does so “hating the concept” – of something. Of taking in refugees? Or those who didn’t come to this country legally? Or of Muslims? Notwithstanding his ambiguity, Trump has previously stated that there is a “Muslim problem” in the world, stating that he “hasn’t seen Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center.”

His election will bring changes to gun control.

He’s a proponent of the Second Amendment and believes gun are constitutionally protected, but he also believes in the safety of citizens; he plans to make guns harder to get for those who seek to hurt Americans, but in no way plans to limit their proliferation.

It’s going to be four years of political tomfoolery.

As seriously concerning as they are, Trump’s poll numbers are in large part due to the popularity he has amassed over the years as a proponent of insanity. While we hope (and make fervent du’aa) that he doesn’t clinch the Republican nomination, we felt it was necessary to show you a little glimpse of what would happen in Trump’s America.

The country really will be great again.

Written by Kinza Haq

Image from Flickr