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Here Is Where We Stand With the Trump Presidency and Where We Need to Go

Here Is Where We Stand With the Trump Presidency and Where We Need to Go

It’s been a few days since Donald Trump’s third Muslim ban was allowed by the Supreme Court. In a 7-2 decision, the Court released two orders that would lift the temporary block of Muslim ban 3.0, automatically putting it into effect. This comes just a few days after Senate passed his tax reform bill, and just a few days before he officially declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that resulted in the death of more Palestinians. Through his seemingly never-ending reckless decisions, Trump seems to be trying to prove one thing: that he not only seeks to divide the U.S. further apart, but also the world.

It almost seems as though a bulk of the public still fails to realize the magnitude of power that the president of the United States holds. We sit back and say that there is no way a promise made by him could possibly turn into reality–until it does. What’s more, some people still expect everyone to respect him as a president, and even worse, a person.

What supporters of Trump fail to realize is that he doesn’t have an ounce of respect for us, for our people, or for most other groups that make this country great. I will not respect someone who wholeheartedly believes and is coaxing others to believe that the religion I identify with is nothing but pure evil. And I will absolutely not respect someone who thinks just as little of other minorities as well – immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, Black people, women, etc. My tolerance level for all-out bigotry, insensitivity, closed-mindedness and discrimination has reached an all-time low this year, as I’m sure many of you can relate to.

In addition to his recently inflammatory actions,  the Republican party that increasingly serves as Trump’s institutionalized support has overlooked a number of allegations pertaining to sexual assault. Trump has repeatedly proven that he would take the side of the assaulter over the side of the victim any day, from praising Roy Moore despite his sexual assault allegations, to his own audio recordings being released to the public.

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He has sided with who he described as “very fine people,” self-identified as Nazis during the Charlottesville protests, instead of denouncing their actions and beliefs. The condemnation instead took place at his speech about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, bashing players like Colin Kaepernick for “disrespecting” the flag as well as the troops that have served this country. A few other things Trump has done is repeatedly lie about relations with Russia, insult Native American chiefs and Native American people in general, push the plan to build a wall, no matter how impractical, normalize the KKK, heighten the feud between the U.S. and North Korea, and attempt to bring shame to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of a natural disaster.

If anything, let his actions remind everyone of some of the worst things Trump has “accomplished” in the few months that he has been in power and serve as fuel to amplify resistance efforts. His impulsivity is dangerous to all of us. We as people of this country deserve to have a voice, and we must keep making it known that we are not ok with how this country is being run.

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  • “let his actions remind everyone of some of the worst things Trump has “accomplished” in the few months that he has been in power and serve as fuel to amplify resistance efforts.”
    Ok Full disclosure, I and my family moved out of the US . partially because we believed the Southern Calif. culture was not the best place to raise a family. However, you can take the old geezer out of the USA, but you can’t take the USA out of this old geezer…. Half of my family are dedicated old geezer Trump supporters, and half are young Republicans who couldn’t tolerate Mr. Trump… I think you saved the best for last,..the quote from your last sentence rings true. There are alot of stored up prejudice and resentment which might go back to the Civil War, for all I know, alot of poor whtte guys, who look like me, got left behind, because their factory-like jobs just didn’t last long enough..and little generalize skills. Those people have been lurking out there and they all came together along with enough women who hated Hilary Clinton……So, we just have to ride out this storm, by doing local things that bond people and communities together….I am not Muslim (though I will be eventually moving to a country that is 43% Muslim next year, I hope) and you just have to patiently show the Chrisians that the Holy Quran is an advancement on what the Christ coninued from Moses………and play down the Shia/Sunni split……and find a kind way to introduce Jewish- Palestinian relations……do these 3 things and I think you’re home free, sort of, at least temporarily….

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