[VIDEO] Trump Makes No Sense Talking About Brexit

Whenever Donald Trump talks, it’s like he’s going in circles. On Wednesday, the Republican nominee gave a speech at a rally in Lakeland, Fla. His words were nothing but nonsense, especially when he “thinks that there will be a little Brexit on November 8.” Trump goes on to reason his thoughts by criticizing opposing nominee Hillary Clinton’s health and popularity.

The whole side-show left me wondering a few things: What does his opponent have to do with Brexit? What would the United States of America be leaving? Does Trump even know what Brexit is?

“They will soon be calling me Mr. Brexit!”

In case anyone asks, “What is Brexit?” here’s a rundown. It is a portmanteau of “British Exit” — and is the nickname for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, which occurred last June. The U.K. had lost full authority over economic policies and cultural identity. Pro-Brexit supporters even opposed immigration.

In Trump’s case, he didn’t even take the time to learn about the international issue that shook the British. Shortly after Brexit was announced, he spoke in Scotland (and played some golf…obviously) and complimented the decision as “a great thing.” However, Scotland voted to remain in the European Union and was planning to possibly break from Great Britain.

Trump even blamed President Obama for the leave. Back in August, Trump also tweeted about this.


For someone who shows little interest or knowledge on the issue, he should not be trusted — especially since he thinks nobody listens to him, but says what’s on his mind anyways.

With Election Day less than a month away, Americans will not be voting to “remain” or “leave.” However, they have a choice of one or the other that will directly impact the nation. Let that sink in.