Scotland Grandma Loses Her Job After Saying She’d “Blow the Black Faces Off” of Muslims

The Islamophobic trolls of social media are back at it again with their newest overlord, a 58-year-old grandmother.
Yvonne Maclean of Glasglow, Scotland, was officially suspended from work after posting several derogatory comments aimed at Muslims to social media.
Maclean, who was previously employed as a supervisor for Bupa’s Wyndford Locks nursing home, said of Muslims: “If I had my way I’d line them up against a wall, look them dead in the eyes and blow their black faces off.”
“Get everyone of those f***pigs to f*** out of our country, even the ones who claim they are peaceful. Don’t believe any of them,” said another post by Maclean.
In November, Maclean referred to Islam as a “joke” and wrote, “The whole of the west stick together and get rid of this scum what I can’t stand is how they all walk about freely living and working in the country.”

? THOSE JAMMIES, THOUGH! Where can a Muslim girl grab a pair?! Photo credit:
? THOSE JAMMIES, THOUGH! Where can a Muslim girl grab a pair?!
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The care home became aware of Maclean’s controversial online behavior after her coworkers reported the posts. Claims of Maclean using inappropriate words and acting unprofessional during work were also made during her tenure.
Maclean, who found new employment following her 6-month suspension ordered in February, continued with attacks against Muslims on her accounts.
A post referring to her new position at pub chain Wetherspoons read, “Good thing is no f****** Muslims, all whites. Will be able to speak without being accused of racism.”
Wetherspoons confirmed Maclean had worked for the company for a short period, however, the manager was unaware of her background at the time she was hired.
“Wetherspoon has a zero tolerance policy towards racism,” said company representative Eddie Gershon.
Some of Maclean’s racist comments have since been deleted from her accounts, however, it appears that she doesn’t plan to stop voicing her personal, but rather public dislike for Muslims anytime soon.
“Registration is still suspended but love what I am doing” she said.