Trends You Think You Can’t Pull Off (But Can)

“You could never pull that off.”

It’s nice to see trends on the runway; the fashion world is constantly evolving. But sometimes there’s a trend or two that make us go, “Oh my God, I really want to try that!” and “Oh my God, I could never pull that off!” at the same time.

So, I’m here to tell you to take a little risk and try. Go ahead and do it! If you’re gonna take risks, it might as well be in the fashion world, right?

1. Overalls

This one was something I was pretty terrified of attempting. Now I own three pairs. Overalls are already a statement, so it’s always best if you keep it neutral whether you’re going for a comfy or classy look.



2. Furry (Faux)

So everytime I walk into a store, I always see these faux fur vests and jackets. It took me three trips to convince myself to buy one. They’re a little risky! But, it’s a perfect addition to glam up a basic outfit. (Save the animals and your wallet, choose faux fur!)

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3. Highwaisted Jeans + Mom Jeans

On a trip to the thriftstore, Sobi (@sobi1canobi) picked up a bunch of pairs of mom jeans. I, out of fear picked up zero — because, well, I didn’t think I could pull it off. (Don’t be me, folks.) It’s actually perfect for casual and comfy looks.



4. Colorless

A lot of people tell me they’re a little scared to wear an outfit with too many dark colors. Wear what you want to wear, ladies! The best thing to do when pairing dark colors is to think about the cuts and different textures (leather, fur, etc.) and test out different patterns!

IMG_9489   IMG_4649

5. Hats

Especially in the fall and winter times, hats are a must-have trend. You can definitely pull it off. I believe in you. With a hijab, just keep your volume to a minimum and throw the hat on to fully complete the look.

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SO, ladies, don’t be fearful! Take a chance and try on that new trend! If you like it, wear it. That’s my motto.