Worldly Trends Gone Universal

What do I love most about fashion? How it can bring all different cultures together into one common space.

Lately, many trends have been overlapping throughout different cultures. Yes, some may not like big brands like Versace taking influence from different cultures and calling it their own. However, I think this just shows how other cultures are blending. And it’s something to embrace – maybe even feel flattered about.

Here are some of my favorite universal trends…

1. Tribal Prints
Above: Forever 21. Similar below

Tribal Prints have been around for a while and every season, new types of tribal/ethnic print keep coming back. This year, I feel, south Asian prints have definitely been the new “in” print. Some shirts, I can only imagine my mom wearing, but nonetheless, prints and trends from all types of cultures are definitely becoming universal.

Tribal Dress

2. Long Tunic, aka, Kurtis

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I bought this shirt from Forever 21 and every single person asks me if this “kurti” was from Pakistan. I’ve worn Pakistani styles like these since I can remember. Not too long ago, long kurtis became stylish in Pakistan and have now taken over. Kendall Jenner recently wore a similar style too, making it even more popular! They also have a wide variation of styles, like shorter-lengthed button down kurtis if you’re not into the long ones.


3. Caftans


Caftan 1

Caftan/Kaftan styles are more common in the Middle East and within some African cultures. My caftan is probably the most comfortable item of clothing I own. They’ve made their way into mainstream stores and are great for a relaxed, summer beach look.


Caftan Dress

4. Matching Top & Bottom

1165279104_1_1_1Zara Set

This trend comes directly from Asian cultures. My whole life I’ve grown up wearing “shalwar kameez” which is a matching top and bottom made out of the same material.  And just as we started wearing mismatching top and bottoms, the matchy matchy trend is now becoming popular here (go figure). As much as I love it, I feel like it’s definitely a fad. 
Zara Set 2
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5. Leather Sandals


Leather Sandals

Lastly, leather sandals have been common in most Eastern countries and have now become a universal trend. This, I hope, stays forever! I find leather sandals so comfortable and versatile with any outfit.

These ones above are from Target!

More Sandals

Which new universal trend is your favorite?

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Image: Deviant Art