Our New Favorite Flashy Trend

These days the fashion world is constantly changing, at a faster pace than ever. That means more and more trends are coming in just as fast as they’re going out of style. So it’s important to seize the opportunity once it lands in the impermanent world of fashion. The newest trend that has swung by is one that I absolutely love: the temporary tattoo.

Henna tattoos have been around for a while, especially in the South Asian community, and have made their way into the western world. The most recent tattoos that have gained traction throughout the fashion community are called flash tattoos. They’re temporary designs that come in various patterns in silver, black, white and gold. Some mimic tattoos and others mimic jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and rings. You can find most of them online, but the only store I was able to find them in was A.C. Moore. The best part about this trend is that it is pretty cheap! I found them at A.C. Moore for a few bucks! Here are some of my favorites 🙂

1) Original

Flash Tat Bracelets

2) Boho Inspired

Flash Tat2

Flash Tat

3) Henna & Flash Tat Mix

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Flash Tat from A.C. Moore

It’s super easy to apply them, too! Remember the fun tattoos we use to wear as kids? Yup! They’re exactly like that. Take the plastic off and turn over on skin. Damp with a wet paper towel and slowly peel off. They last about 3-5 days and come off easily with water and scrubbing.

So will you take a risk and rock these flash tats?