Treating Hijab Hair

A common struggle most Muslim girls face is keeping their hair healthy and in great condition despite it being covered. Many people tend to assume that hijabis don’t pay as much attention to their hair as other women do. But the fact of the matter is that we do get to flaunt our hair every once in a while during family get togethers, women-only events and such, and we even like to keep it looking and feeling pretty if we’re just chilling at home. This is why I’ve decided to share some great tips on maintaining your hair, especially if you are a hijab wearer.

Every Other Day!

Wash your hair every other day instead of daily. Over-washing strips hair of natural oils and even color if you have color treated hair. A tip you can use in between washes if you have really oily hair is dry shampoo! You sprinkle some on the roots, fluff your hair out and you’re ready to go.

Treat Your Hair Well!

Avoid washing your hair with hot water because hot water encourages frizz and fluff, while cold water smooths the hair cuticle down and promotes shine. Use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and follow up with a conditioner. It usually takes some time to find a product that works for you, go for products with natural ingredients and stay away from products with ingredients you cannot pronounce.

Just Let it Dry!

Never put your hijab on while your hair is wet, give it time to air dry. But if you are in a rush, blow dry your hair only after using a heat protectant product to keep your hair healthy and avoid breakage.

Keep it Loose!

If you tend to tie your hair in a bun or ponytail, make sure that the hair is tied back loosely, so that there is still some room for it to breathe. Also, it’s very helpful to let your hair down and give it a chance to breathe when you are at home lounging and not wearing the hijab.

Wrap it Up!

Wearing cotton or lace bands under your scarf will help reduce the friction between the hair and the scarf and will hold the hair in place. However, be sure that the hair band is loose fitted and not too tight. Wearing tight hair bands could slow down the circulation in the scalp (which leads to hair loss) and stimulates dandruff and oil production.

Wearing the hijab shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy hair! As a gift from Allah (SWT) , we’re obligated to take care of what we’ve been blessed with. Regular care is all you need and you’ll have beautiful hair insha’Allah!