#ToTheMuslimGirls: 15 Things You Need To Hear Right Now

To my Muslim girls down the street and to the ones across oceans and oceans, this one’s for you. Hear it. Learn it. Share it.

1 . #ToTheMuslimGirls: Never apologize for your identity. Never. You matter and you’re all freaking queens.


2. #ToTheMuslimGirls: Whether you’re sporting a hijab or a crop top  – own it, girl.


3. #ToTheMuslimGirls: Sometimes it’s cultural and sometimes it’s societal, but someone is always trying to confine us to a box with the “ideal” Muslim girl image labeled on the outside. BREAK THE DAMN BOX.


4. #ToTheMuslimGirls: Mistakes are ok. You are going to be ok. Life happens. So tell Mr. Fatwa and Miss Gossip @ The Masjid to sthu.


5. #ToTheMuslimGirls: The magic of sisterhood will only come into play if you do your part, too. We all need to unite, ya feel me?


6. #ToTheMuslimGirls: Ramadan is coming up, and you don’t have to hide in your closet like a runaway convict to eat that double chocolate chip cookie. You got your period, you did not commit murder. There is nothing to be ashamed of.


7. #ToTheMuslimGirls: If someone (a Wallah Bro) is way too concerned about the level of haram your makeup is — wing that eyeliner, and fly away from them.


8. #ToTheMuslimGirls: Whether it’s our own community picking us a part and playing Good Muslim/Bad Muslimor the post 9/11 Islamophobic society we live in – it can be pretty damn impossible to be a Muslim girl in the West. But, breathe. You got this. You are not here for them.


9. #ToTheMuslimGirls: If someone compares your existence to a wrapped vs. unwrapped lollipop, an orange, a flower, etc. – give them your best side eye, tell them how problematic their objectification of women is, and then ask those Wallah Bros how it feels to be compared to flies??


10. #ToTheMuslimGirls: I fail at replicating the hijab styles from hijab tutorials on Youtube most of the time, too.


11.#ToTheMuslimGirls: You are more than the misrepresentation of Muslim women portrayed by mainstream media and racist bigots. Raise your voice. You’re extraordinary.


12. #ToTheMuslimGirls:  Hair flip or hijab flip. DO YOU, BOO! <3


13. #ToTheMuslimGirls: When you’re at the masjid/family gathering/anywhere really, and you get bombarded with questions about why marriage just isn’t your top priority right now, be like:


14.  #ToTheMuslimGirls: Let go of those haters and people that live just to bring you down. Surround yourself with endless positivity and let that noor shine through, girl!


15. #ToTheMuslimGirls: No matter where you are in the world, you’ve got a sister in me and countless other Muslim women. And I think that’s pretty special.

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Feature photo by Kashfi Halford