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Breaking News: Top Officials Taken Hostage as Military Takes Over Turkey

The Turkish military has declared a take-over of the country. This announcement came from the military Friday evening, and is being described as a coup.
Heavily armed soldiers shut down two main bridges in the city of Istanbul Friday evening, as military jets flew low over the city.
The status of Prime Minister Erdogan is unknown, but he is said to be in the south of Turkey at this time. It is also believed that the military has also taken over the state funded media station TRT. Soldiers were seen outside the newsroom with military vehicles.
It`s alleged that social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are currently being blocked in the country.
The Turkish Military announced that it has taken over the country of Turkey “to protect the democratic order and to maintain human rights.”
This take-over comes just weeks after a deadly attack at the Istanbul airport. All flights from the Istanbul Airport have been cancelled.
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