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The MuslimGirl List of the Top 10 Islamophobes of 2015

The MuslimGirl List of the Top 10 Islamophobes of 2015

#2: Pamela Geller

The last person I referred to as the spawn of Satan was this girl in high school who clearly showed signs of being a spawn, it was undeniable. But I was unsaved back then. Now that I have seen the light, I know the Lord would find it wrong were I to call Pam Geller that same name. So I won’t call her that. However, I feel like you and I my wonderful reader have a connection and therefore you know what I’m thinking. Let’s think it together as we recall the time Pam tried to get anti-Muslim ads put in the subway or the time she held a contest for unbelievers to draw caricatures of our prophet. Yes let us all reflect on Ms. Geller and her busy year.

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  • SHANNON at her usual best. Very funny, light hearted and amusing accumulation of these anti Muslim anti Islam clowns.
    Fits in well with the happy season too. Very well stated except for one caveat: Ayaan Hirsi Ali stands alone. In a category all her own.
    Best wishes for the season to MuslimGirl.

  • I don’t think ayan hirsi ali should be on such list. She was born to a Muslim family, in a society in which Muslims justified the mistreatment she experienced as Islamic. She does not speak from prejudice but from her own lived experience and speaking about that experience and how it has impacted her is not “islamophobia” or anti-Muslim bigotry. It’s important to recognize the reason for her opinion on Islam is NOT based on any sort of prejudice BUT what she experienced.

    • @anomaly Muslims don’t justify the mistreatment people do. If someone says I think the treatment was just you can’t say they said that because they are Muslims and what she experienced was NOT based on a true Muslims experience not every Muslim is good because they identify as Muslim and then do bad things for example ISIS. Nothing should be based off of the worst people that represent it. So she should not be so quick to base Islam off of what the worst are. She spoke at Yale and attacked Islam and then on CNN when Megyn Kelly covered it she invited the person who invited Ayaan to Yale and a person who wads faints her speaking in such a manner. In these interviews Megyn Kelly used the own Muslims word to put a misrepresentation of Islam on National Telivision by suggesting that Islam did not promote free speech, because Muslims didn’t want her speaking out against Muslims based on the worst experience with Muslims Ayaan had. The fact of the matter is that she doesn’t know what Islam stands for. Unlike her view of Islam, Islam is a religion of Peace and while many things might need a little formation, all religions do and Ayaan should not classify all Muslims in the way that she did.

      • I didn’t say whether Ayan is correct in her opinion, all I said is, you cannot classify someone who speaks from their experience, an Islamaphobe. She says what she does because of her experience, what she lived, what she suffered, not out of prejudice. Calling her an “Islamophobe” doesn’t change her story. Allow her to speak, empathize with the woman, and speak to her with reason. As a human I can understand her grievances, even though I think she is completely wrong in her approach and how she believes the women’s issues in muslim society and world wide can be resolved. I believe in combating her points with a reasonable argument and not a hateful approach. Bottom line, she’s no Islamophobe.

      • The people who said that to her DID say what they did because they were Muslims. That is how it was justified to her all her life. Who are you to say what a true Muslim experience is. You can give examples of what you believe is the “true” Muslim experience but that would be no more valid than Ayan’s. Like you said, not every Muslim is good becauSe they identify as Muslim. I think that is the important point here. By not acknowledging Ayan’s experience or dismissing it as “not true Muslim experience’ you’re only deflecting from the issue. The fact remains there are Muslim communities that are terrible towards women and they justify the treatment as being part of their faith. Those people sincerely believe they are correct just like you believe you are. What you should do is try to change their minds rather than dismissing the experience of the people who suffered it. Your issue should be with the people who did not allow ayan to speak and go on tv and say as Muslims they won’t allow it. This isn’t someone who’s doing crappy things who just happens to be muslim, this is someone who is doing what they’re doing because they are Muslim. This website listing her as an islamophobe does not help anything or change what ayan experienced. Again, she’s not saying what she does about Islam due to some prejudice, she says it because of her own lived experience. The fact that our community cares more about shutting ayan up than about the mistreatment of women wide spread in the place she grew up is the problem. Did prophet Muhammad treat people who spoke I’ll of him or his message this way or did he change their mind with action? Is this acting in accordance with teaching of God? How about we care about how humans, the creation of God, are being treated rather than hate them for speaking about their mistreatment.

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