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This Video Explains the Crisis in Yemen in 140 Seconds

This Video Explains the Crisis in Yemen in 140 Seconds

Mohammed Raqeeb, understanding that many people are not fully informed on the terrible humanitarian crisis in Yemen, created this short 140 second video to explain what’s going on. We encourage everyone to see it so as to be informed, and be aware in order to help however they are able.

Yemen can’t wait.

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In this video, I have made an attempt to Explained the Yemen Crisis. We are so privileged to have food,clean water and shelter. let us make an effort to know what yemenis are going through. Due to the fighting of different groups, yemen is facing this humanitarian crisis. Innocent citizens are bearing the brunt of the political chaos and instability in the country since 2015 and has turned the country into a living hell . Reports in 2019 state that Saudi led coalition has carried out more than 19000 air strikes. Significant number of air strikes have hit on non-military places like schools, hospitals and thousands of civilians were killed. The population of yemen is 29 million. Some 80 per cent of the population that is 24 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 12 million children. Around 9.58 million children do not have access to safe water, sanitation, or hygiene. Over 2 million children suffer from malnutrition.Nearly two thirds of girls are married before the age of 18. More than 4.3 million children are estimated to be in direct danger. What can i Do? 1. Donate an amount you can. Visit: 2. Share the video. your friends might donate and bring a bread to a Yemeni. please watch, donate and share. #yemen #yemencrisis #yemeni #freeyemen #humanitariancrisis #humaritarian #humanrights #human #saudiarabia #gcc #childabuse #childabuseawareness #childabusesurvivor #usa #uk #france #saleh #humanrightviolations #humanrights #humanresources #sanaalathan #yemenifood #yemeni

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