This Video About Self-Love Is All You Need To See Today

Love is in the air or something like that, so everyone is saying. If you don’t have a valentine or galentine, you’re probably safe from the haram police at least. But that’s neither here nor there because this isn’t a post to debate whether or not V-day is haram or not. All joking aside, we can learn something valuable today if we stop and tune in to the energy of love around us. Self-love is sometimes the hardest love to give, but truthfully, as far as humans go, there’s no one in your life more worthy of your own love than you. In this TEDx talk, our good sis Hind Khalid is dropping all the gems on self-love. It’s perfect for today because it’s #selfcareSunday and it’s V-day, so indulge yourself for a few minutes, listen, and learn. And remember: YOU ARE AMAZING AND WE LOVE YOU.