This Twitter Roundup Clarifies What’s Happening In India

With the government of India passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), the ruling party’s highly sectarian agenda became clearer and clearer. This discriminatory piece of legislation allows refugees from neighboring nations a pathway to citizenship. All refugees, that is, except Muslim ones. Given the rising incidents of violence and discrimination against Muslims in India, the introduction of the CAB is hardly a surprise. What is horrifying is that it passed in what has long been labeled a secular nation, and the world’s largest democracy.

In the days since the CAB was passed, peaceful protests erupted. Last night, Modi’s party put their determination to crush all dissent on full display. Police based in the cities of Delhi and Aligarh swarmed universities that hosted protests against the CAB, namely Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia University, and rained terror on anyone and everyone. Amongst the beatings faced by the students, we have seen visibly Muslim women stand firm in the face of tyranny and brutality, using themselves as shields to protect protestors from being beaten.

One thing remains clear. As Muslims based in India and their allies continue the fight for equal access to citizenship, we cannot stop speaking out against the brutality they are facing. We simply cannot stop educating ourselves about the reality around the ground as Narendra Modi’s government attempts to hijack the narrative to cloak his insidious intentions. Here are a series of tweets aimed at doing just that:

A Rundown on the CAB:

The Police Force Goes Too Far: 

A Final Word: