This My Prayer for the Blessed Month of Ramadan

My spirituality continues to be something that I am constantly striving to improve. With faith being one of the most paramount aspects of my life, the closer to Allah (SWT) I feel, the more peaceful and content I can be. With the holy month of Ramadan upon us, I can already begin to feel the inklings of excitement which I never fail to experience at this time of year.

Maybe it’s the way people come together to pray and eat regardless of their differences, or perhaps it’s the sudden strengthening of my connection to Allah (SWT), but there’s just something about Ramadan that fills me with an almost giddy sort of bliss.

With Ramadan comes a number of memories and nostalgia; my siblings and I helping to prepare Iftar in the kitchen, walking to the mosque in the cool night air to pray Taraweeh, the Quran playing throughout our house, every single word inundated with emotion. But most of all, Ramadan is perhaps the time during which I feel closest to Allah (SWT). The surge of love that I experience towards my faith during this holy month is like no other. It’s almost as if each year that passes by, my spirituality is reinforced, and I feel more blessed and grateful for having the life that I do.

Ramadan reminds me that no matter the trials and tribulations that I am faced with, the Almighty (SWT) has got my back.

Ramadan is not just the month of fasting; it’s the month of giving, of helping the helpless, of praying, of kindness, of sharing, and the month of counting your blessings. A blessed month; I think that’s maybe the best way I could describe Ramadan in a handful of words. The way we come together during this holy month is the way we should come together every day. The unity we exude is breath-taking, and it never ceases to instill an immense sense of pride within me.

As we delve into Ramadan, I do have a small request. I would like us all to pray for those who are not fortunate enough to enjoy this holy moth with their families, to pray for those who live in war-torn countries, to pray for those killed in senseless acts of violence and their surviving families, to pray for those who struggle to find their next meal. I would like us all to pray for everyone, those whom you know and those who you do not. The world can always use a little more compassion.

رمضان كريم،  كل عام  و انتم بخير.