This Is Our Staff Writer Binta’s Advice on How You Can Be an Ally to the #Blacklivesmatter Movement

It’s not enough to just post one thing on Instagram. It needs to be an effort that everyone does even after it stops trending.

How can the youth get involved in helping to support the movement?

Our Black staff writer Binta said, “I would like to state that these are my own opinions and I do not speak for the entire Black community. However, here are my thoughts. Youth can get involved by doing research on the history on the oppression of Black people in America. If they are registered and old enough to vote, getting out there and and placing their votes not only for the President, but also for the local officials who hold the power to directly impact and make change in our communities.” Binta also emphasized that calling out your relatives on their racist comments will make a difference.

What is something protestors or allies should keep in mind when they are supporting the Black community? How can they be more respectful and actually help support the movement?

Binta added, “The issue here is not about protesters being respectful. Protesters are organized, thoughtful, and courageous. They properly plan and execute strategies that stand for changes to be implemented, and for the current system of oppression to be dismantled in an organized manner. There are some non-black people who are purposely terrorizing communities and taking advantage of the plight of Black People. They need to be respectful and stop what they are doing. What they are doing is not helping the cause because their intention is to destroy and not to protect or amplify the voices of Black people. Allies can be helpful by consistently showing up for the Black community every day, not just when another injustice has been publicized. Allies can do their own inner reflection and research instead of asking Black people what to do. There are plenty of resources available. “

Furthermore, Binta added that she would like to reiterate what her brother Kayem (@thisiskayem) said: “This resurgence of White Nationalism has enabled a lot of liberal white people or non-black people of color to absolve themselves of responsibility when it comes to issues of race. Being liberal doesn’t mean that you aren’t racist. The vast majority of racism in this country is covert and subtle and based on implicit biases. Also, do not unload emotional and educational labor on to your black friends. There are a lot of ways for you to learn.”

People to Follow Online

Binta said, “Allies can also participate in the #amplifyingmelantedvoices challenge created by Amanda Sadler, @jessicawilson.msrd,
and @blackandembodied. Follow @blklivesmatter for updates.
Follow organizations like these who are uplifting the voices of the oppressed and offer pertinent resources: 
@imancentral, @believersbailout, @muslimarc.”

Do you have any other advice that you’re willing to share that wasn’t mentioned in the previous questions?

Binta added, “”Be mindful of your spiritual state. Check on your people, and if it wasn’t clear to you before, #BlackLivesMatter at all times.”

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