This 11-Year-Old Muslim Girl Just Beat Einstein and Hawking’s IQ Scores

An Iranian girl scored higher than American geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking on an IQ test! Yes, it is true. Eleven year old Tara Sharif took an IQ test and scored 162 points, surpassing the IQ score of Hawking and Einstein, which was at 160. The test Tara took was a non-verbal test in the British city of Oxford, and required her to show her understanding of different means or phrases. There was a time limit for answering each question. Her score of 162 is significantly higher than the “genius benchmark” of 140.

The Mensa society has now become an option for Tara, if she’s interested. The Mensa society is the largest and oldest high IQ society. Tara’s father has been vocal about how very proud and was shocked he was that his daughter received such a high score. “I am extremely proud, but very surprised at how well Tara scored”, he said. Tara herself was in utter disbelief. “I was shocked when I got the result. I never expected to get such a good score,” she said. Tara loves math and hopes to use her intelligence for arithmetic in the future.

There are many more girls like Tara with brilliant minds just waiting to be discovered, but will they be?

It really isn’t surprising that there are highly intelligent girls and women of Persian descent. Since the beginning, women in Middle Eastern countries have always been either leaders, scientists, doctors, or entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, mostly due to Eurocentric propaganda, things have changed and the brilliance of women from that part of the world is oftentimes overlooked due to cultural barriers or oppression from outsides forces.

There are many more girls like Tara with brilliant minds just waiting to be discovered, but will they be? This 11-year-old girl will definitely bring hope to other girls.

Tara, you are a hero and a role model for little girls everywhere. Girls should be proud to be intelligent! It’s about time a female shattered male IQ records, and an 11-year-old Iranian, nonetheless. Tara, we will be watching and cheering for your achievements, which will undoubtably blow us away. Congratulations Tara, our pre-teen hero!